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Own Your Innisbrook Home
Condominium ownership at Innisbrook, a Salamander Golf & Spa Resort, offers a unique opportunity for people who want a vacation retreat that provides world-class amenities and outstanding real estate values.

Cost Saving Advantages
Enjoy fabulous vacations at a fraction of the hotel guest cost. Condominium ownership at Innisbrook offers many cost-saving advantages. You have the option of turning your golf and vacation retreat into a potential source of revenue by dedicating your apartment to the resort rental pool when you’re not at Innisbrook using it personally. Enjoy the comfort and convenience of staying at your own apartment for a vacation, at a fraction of what a resort guest would pay. Plus, you also enjoy the benefits of club membership and the resort’s rental pool program. Having the best of both worlds becomes a reality as an Innisbrook vacation condominium owner.

Club Membership
Unlimited use of golf courses, without greens fees. Innisbrook condominium owners have the opportunity to become a golf member with preferred access to the resort’s four top-ranked championship golf courses. Greens fees are totally eliminated for golf members, as well as court fees at our tennis complex. Additionally, golf members receive substantial discounts on golf cart fees, dining at resort clubhouse restaurants, and on purchases of golf merchandise or equipment in our three golf shops. There are a variety of social events and golf tournaments offered only to our members. These mixers are a great way to socialize with fellow members, as well as a great vacation opportunity to relax and enjoy your condominium.

Unique Rental Program
Receive income, even when your condominium is not occupied. When you’re not here to enjoy your golf and vacation retreat, you have the option of participating in our rental pool and receiving a portion of the resort’s total room revenue. A special feature of this rental pool program is that you will receive income from your condominium, regardless of whether it was utilized by the resort, or it remains vacant. Concerns of favoritism to use specific condominiums for resort guests are completely eliminated. Plus, your rental program assures the complete supervision of the interior of your condominium for necessary maintenance and repairs. Owning an Innisbrook condominium is worry-free, hassle-free and an opportunity to offset expenses, as well as a cost-saving for vacation planning.

Amenities Include
• More than 900 acres – private, wooded and lushly landscaped
• Five spacious floor plans to choose from
• Four top-rated championship golf courses
• A top-rated tennis facility
• Six swimming pools including the Loch Ness “Monster” Pool
• Endless biking, nature and jogging trails
• Four outstanding restaurants, just steps from your apartment
• Nearby beaches, attractions, activities, and shopping
• Home of the PGA TOUR’s Valspar Championship