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Junior Tennis

A premier facility for junior tennis training offering programs for players of all levels from red ball through to usta junior tournament play. Accomplished tennis pros teach year-round with progressive curricula that ensure players meet competency levels through each stage of their development.


A core focus at Innisbrook, 10 and Under tennis helps introduce new players to tennis in an age-appropriate manner. Our instructors have been specifically trained to implement creative and fun 10 and Under Tennis clinics following our unique proprietary curriculum with a progressive structure. Each program is designed to record and ensure improvement within each learning stage, but also to instill a love of the game. The balls bounce lower, the racquets are smaller and lighter, and the court dimensions are to scale for younger children, according to USTA 10 and Under Tennis requirements.

Programs will be offered following the Red/Orange/Green USTA Protocol. 

Titanic Tot (4-5) | A starter tennis program ideal for our youngest tennis players! We use foam or red balls which bounce lower, racquets are smaller and lighter, and the court dimensions are to-scale for younger children. Players are introduced to the fundamentals of tennis with an emphasis on movement and coordination.

30 min. | Members $140 | Guests $168

Red Robins (5-8) | A tennis program for younger elementary school kids using red balls. The red balls bounce lower, the racquets are smaller and lighter, and the court dimensions are to-scale for younger children. Players build on the fundamentals of tennis with emphasis on balance, correct technique on all strokes, and more advanced coordination skills. 

60 min. | Members $250 | Guests $300

Orange Crushers  (7-10) | A tennis program for older elementary school kids using orange balls. This class is geared towards older elementary children who have a basic knowledge of tennis. The orange balls bounce lower, the racquets are smaller and lighter, and the court dimensions are larger for our growing players. For this program, there is an emphasis on match tactics and properly shaped strokes. 

60 min. | Members $280 | Guests $336

Green Gators (8-11) | A tennis program for players transitioning from the orange balls and smaller courts to full-size courts using green dot balls. Also for older players learning the game that wish to build the foundation to enjoy this lifelong sport recreationally. 

90 min. | Members $390 | Guests $468

Yellow Jackets (10-15) | This class is for players that have transitioned to the yellow ball and are ready to cover the full-size tennis court. This class focuses on all aspects of complete tennis players, from proper court technique, to match strategy, analyzing opponents, and formulating winning strategies.

90 min. | Members $390 | Guests $468


Once players graduate from the 10 and Under program, they will move on to our 11+ year-old programs. 


For advanced middle school tennis players who are preparing for high school tennis. Players learn strategies on how to compete; game plans to use during their matches and a significant focus on singles and doubles strategy.


This program is for serious-minded high school-aged players who want to represent their school in their Varsity Tennis Program. 



This program is designed for players transitioning swiftly through the Red and Orange progressions and who are eager to pursue tennis as a primary sport. Precursor training for Tournaments Training Program and our High School JV Training level. This invitation-only program is reserved for the most committed players in the program. The program is twice a week for group lessons plus supervised Match Play on the weekend. 

Red Robins AP (6-8)

120 min. + Match Play | Members $650 | Guests $780

Orange Crushers AP (7-11)

180 min. + Match Play | Members $990 | Guests $1,188

Green Gators AP (9-12)

180 min. + Match Play | Members $990 | Guests $1,188

Yellow Jackets AP (12-17)

180 min. + Match Play | Members $990 | Guests $1,188



This program will be for players who are competing regularly in USTA junior tournaments. Players are trained within an inclusive team environment and are generally divided based on player rating. This is the most advanced program and is reserved for players who have committed to tennis as their primary sport.