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team building & group activities

Innisbrook provides the perfect venue whether the goal is to build relationships with exciting games and challenges or prove you’re the best with head to head competition. Located in the beautiful Tampa Bay area, our 900 rolling acres becomes your personal playground.

Benefits of Group Activities and Team Building
• Improve productivity
• Promote problem-solving
• Increase motivation
• Encourage creativity
• Develop group cohesion
• Create lasting memories


Click below to view our team building brochure: 

Team Building Brochure


Or Build Your Own Experience

To customize your own experience, please contact the Recreation Department:
727.942.5573 | [email protected]

Customize your experience by selecting a combination of events or choose a theme.  Then, sit back and let us do the rest!  You will be equipped with all the appropriate gear for your selected games, enthusiastic program leaders and long-lasting memories to share. The sky is the limit with what we can customize for your group!

NOTE: Package pricing is per person with a minimum of 10 people. The cost and duration of events are dependent on the desired program and number of participants. Additional costs may include a miscellaneous expense charge for items and enhancements. Sales tax (7%) and service charge (24%) not included.

Final guaranteed attendance is required 48 hours prior to each event; should no final guaranteed number be provided, the estimated number will become the guarantee. You are responsible for the full cost of your minimum guaranteed attendance within 24 hours prior to your scheduled event time.

Inclement Weather Policy: In the case of inclement weather, your event can be postponed at no additional charge within 24-hour advance notice. Your event can be extended if a storm begins during the scheduled time or the option to move indoors may be arranged. If you choose to postpone or cancel the event within 24 hours, you will be liable for the cost of prepared materials and any scheduled enhancements at the full retail price. We reserve the right to close the slide pool and/or the main pool areas for your safety during a thunderstorm or lightning storm, which will remain closed for duration of 30 minutes minimum from the last audible thunder or last lightning strike within a 5-mile radius.